Welcome to the 100Kin10 Partner Progress Series

August 15, 2016

Social change is messy. The path is rarely linear. The inherent ups and downs, successes and failures, learning moments and frustrations together comprise the larger narrative. At 100Kin10, we are no strangers to this ebb and flow.

Our immense challenge—uniting the nation’s top institutions to train and retain 100,000 excellent STEM teachers to educate the next generation of innovators and problems solvers—has sparked the creation of innovative models and theories.

We believe that uniting powerful thinkers and providing them the space and context to collaborate, learn from each other, and take collective action can make big things happen.

Through this series of posts, we want to pull you into how our 100Kin10 partners—the lifeblood of this work—have pushed beyond the course of ordinary business to go above-and-beyond to meet their commitments and overcome the biggest challenges that stand in the way of long-term systemic change.

We’re going to share the actual work of our partners and the ways that they are learning from, meeting, collaborating, and co-creating with other partners as a result of 100Kin10 to make real and lasting change for their teachers and students.

Partner Progress

We also promise to be relentlessly honest. Social change is hard, and we’ll share stories of work that is taking longer than anyone would like, or was ultimately fruitless, alongside work that was gloriously successful. As the milieu of social change dictates, some of our stories have endings that are unendingly TBD. Some are comprised of plots rife with unexpected twists. Such is the reality of an uncharted venture.

In reading these stories, we hope you’ll be captivated and inspired by the real experiences of partners learning, collaborating, trying, failing, trying again, stopping what doesn’t work, doing more of what does, and innovating new solutions when needed, all in service of fulfilling their commitment towards ensuring that we collectively recruit and retain 100,000 excellent STEM teachers in 10 years.

Moving forward we’ll be posting a story every month or so. Eager to understand partner progress? Check out some of the stories we’ve already published:

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