The Power of Asking "Why"

January 21, 2018

Inc. features a piece on 100Kin10’s grand challenges approach and how we asked “Why?” until we got to root cause:

“As Milgrom-Elcott told me, ‘Once you realize that it’s not simply about recruiting teachers, but retaining them, you begin to realize that it’s not just about identifying great candidates and getting them excited about the prospect of teaching, but preparation, what goes on in the classroom, in the teachers lounge, interactions with parents, administrators, everything.’

'Focusing on discrete problems leads to pointed, small fixes,’ she continued. 'For example, to combat the lack of STEM teachers, you might offer incentives to bright young people. But if they leave after a few years, that amounts to little more than than a band-aid. To actually move the needle you have to get at root causes.’”

Read the full piece here.