The 10 Best STEM Gifts This Cyber Monday

December 2, 2019

It’s Cyber Monday, and discount codes are rushing at you faster than you can drop the vowels and type. You’ve surveyed the motley pile of discarded gifts of holidays past–dismembered action figures, dolls with weird haircuts, games with missing parts. Looking for something enduring this time around? These 10 STEM gifts are the best of the best–kid-tested, teacher-loved gifts that your favorite kiddos will love for many years to come.

(How do I know? I talked to Elizabeth Gajdzik, assistant director for INSPIRE at Purdue and the project leader and editor-in-chief of their annual gift guide. “A 16-person team plays with and reviews the toys, and then they go into the community, to schools, libraries, and different spaces, and host a three-day event in one of our main engineering buildings and open the toys to home-schooling families and engineering students, faculty, and staff.” Their curated gift guide is the result. I’ve peppered it with a few family favorites and new gems recommended by YiLing Chen-Josephson of The Picture Book Club, which offers custom and themed book subscriptions.)

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