SXSW EDU Proposals from the 100Kin10 Network

August 6, 2018

The 100Kin10 Network is hoping to be well-represented at SXSW EDU in March 2019! Check out proposals from network partners (and 100Kin10 as well!) below. You can vote for each proposal by clicking the associated link. Please feel free to share this post with your networks and encourage them to vote! We’ll be sure to let you know if any of the proposals below are selected to present at SXSW EDU.

100Kin10’s Proposal
All of Us: A Networked Approach to Systemic Change
We know how to solve problems that can be tackled by individual organizations. Those that remain - like an education sector that struggles to get and keep great teachers, especially in STEM - require multi-organization, cross-sector collaborations. Grounded in network science, community mobilization and system mapping, two leaders of 100Kin10 will share tools and approaches that have mobilized hundreds of organizations to collectively solve problems that have largely evaded individual efforts.
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Sample Post for Social Media: How can we solve problems that are beyond individual effort? Vote to send @100Kin10 to @SXSWEDU so we can share our tools for community mobilization and collective problem solving! #STEM #STEMed #SXSWEDU #GrandChallenges

National Math + Science Initiative’s Proposal
Identifying and Eliminating STEM Deserts
Across the U.S., primary and secondary students attend school in STEM Deserts, lacking access to advanced math and science learning. Meanwhile, STEM-based skills and dispositions are driving global change and career opportunities, increasing the need for problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration. With key partners, NMSI is unveiling a framework to identify STEM Deserts and is working with other partners to eradicate the gaps while highlighting best practices and proven solutions.
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Sample Post for Social Media: Want to raise awareness about STEM Deserts? Register and vote for the @NMSI @SXSWEDU panel proposal today to make a difference in educational opportunities of tomorrow: #STEM #PanelPicker

Museum of Science Boston has two proposals!
1. Engineering Makes Equity - and We DON’T MEAN Jobs
An unlikely discipline - engineering - can help solve the equity problem. This is not another panel about 21st century jobs. It’s about how engineering teaches the exact skill set that’s needed to solve sensitive challenges: collaboration, problem solving, understanding and creativity. The Museum of Science of Boston, which has taught more than 15 million K-12 students the basics of engineering, will put this theory to the test with those who’ve studied equity on the ground.
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Sample Post for Social Media: Want to know how #engineering can solve the equity problem – and not just by creating job opportunities? Vote to see this panel: at @SXSWEDU 2019, and hear from @EiE_org, educators, students and experts on equity! #sxswedu
2. How Engineering Helps Students in Every Subject
Engineering is not just a pathway to 21st-century jobs. Studying the subject builds confidence and character, lets students practice resilient responses to failure, and inspires a passion for learning. Children who learn the Engineering Design Process at an early age learn to use those skills across subject areas from ELA to Social Studies to Math. This hands-on panel will look deeper into how and why this happens. The panel will livestream into a classroom working on an engineering project.
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Sample Post for Social Media: Teaching #engineering to young students doesn’t mean creating more engineers. It means giving students the skills they need to excel in every subject. Vote for this panel: at @SXSWEDU 2019 to hear how engineering habits of mind can help every kid! #sxswedu

If you are a partner and proposing a session for SXSW EDU 2019, please email and we’ll add you to this post!