San Diego Zoo host national STEM educators

April 5, 2019

Organizers announced 100Kin10 had trained over 68,000 STEM teachers so far and are on track to reach 100,000 by 2021. The nonprofit, led by Executive Director Talia Milgrom-Elcott, made this goal a central part of its work as it seeks innovative solutions to improve the teaching profession.

Held at the nonprofit’s partner organizations around the country over the years, this is the first time this annual conference came to San Diego. Milgrom-Elcott was excited for the venue to be San Diego’s renowned zoo. Although 100Kin10 partners with a variety of companies, foundations, government agencies and universities, the San Diego Zoo is the only zoo in its network. She said she felt the educators who came could be refreshed by returning to a place where the love of science and discovery sparked for many.

“You want a place where, people when they come here, connect back to: Why did I enter STEM in the first place?” she said.

The Zoo is involved with 100Kin10’s work year-round and is integral in training hundreds of current and upcoming STEM teachers in inquiry-based curriculum in Conservation Science.

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