Partners, Start your Year Strong at a Back-to-School Breakfast

August 15, 2016

Since 2011, 100Kin10 partners have gone above and beyond to address our nation’s shortage of excellent STEM teachers. Over the past few years, partners have investigated the big, system-level challenges that stand in the way of reaching our shared 100,000 STEM teacher goal. They have determined what these grand challenges are; mapped how our collective work addresses them; identified allies and synergies; and explored what more is needed.

The 2016 Back-to-School Breakfasts will continue this journey, creating an opportunity for partners to come together, enjoy community, find collaborators and share learnings - all on the way to tackling the big, systemic problems facing their work, the network, and the field.

Happening in eight regions across the country, partners will reconnect with one another to:

  • Build relationships with others addressing similar challenges;
  • Learn from each other’s work and approach;
  • Identify ways to advance their commitment in the year ahead

With that start of school just around the corner, we are eager to roll up our sleeves alongside partners around the country and start the new year strong.

Are you a partner in the network? RSVP through the weekly newsletter for a partner-only breakfast near you:

  • Arizona// Flagstaff (Sept. 30)
  • Bay Area// Redwood City (Sept. 27)
  • Boston (Oct. 19)
  • Colorado// Denver (Sept. 27)
  • DC (Sept. 22)
  • Los Angeles (Sept. 26)
  • New York City (Sept. 15)
  • Texas// Austin (Sept. 29)