Heating Up the Market with 100Kin10’s First Fund

May 31, 2016

100Kin10 was launched five years ago at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) America Meeting in Chicago in June 2011, with 28 initial partners pledging to go above-and-beyond their existing strategies to help secure 100,000 excellent STEM teachers for America’s classrooms. By January 2012, 100Kin10 raised $24 million dollars from 15 inaugural funders to support the implementation of these bold commitments.

These inaugural funders set the bar high for the three funds to come: they invested $7 million more than the $24 million they originally pledged, and since 100Kin10 first took the stage at CGI they have inspired another 20 funders to invest an additional $66 million in our collective goal.

As the sunset of the initial three-year fund, in June 2014, all of the initial pledges (and more!) had been spent down. 100Kin10 has created an infographic to highlight the scale and reach of these inaugural funders’ work and to mark the occasion.

Click here to see more in the Fund 1 infographic.

Take a look, share it widely, and join 100Kin10 in offering a belated-yet-hearty congratulations to the brave and momentous work of our inaugural funders and all of the impact their investments have catalyzed.

For more information about where we are today, please see our Funder Prospectus.