'Do Not Underestimate' the Power of High-Quality STEM Teachers, Bill Clinton Says

April 26, 2017

Education Week Teacher features a piece on the 100Kin10 Summit, where nearly 300 partner organizations came together to collaborate and be inspired. Special guests included President Bill Clinton, who gave a speech highlighting that good STEM teachers can change the world:

“Speaking on an aircraft carrier to an audience of educators, industry officials, and philanthropists at the 6th annual partner summit for 100Kin10, President Bill Clinton cracked jokes about ants and human genomes and spoke of his passion for science, technology, engineering, and math education.

The national nonprofit to recruit, prepare, and support 100,000 STEM teachers by 2021 is a “stunning success story,” Clinton said on Tuesday. The group, which has a network of nearly 300 public and private organizations that have collectively pledged more than $90 million, is on track to reach its goal, with more than 40,000 new STEM teachers already trained at the halfway point.”

Read the full piece here.