Connecting More Dots: What's Next for a Big STEM Teacher Initiative

July 17, 2017

Inside Philanthrophy features a piece on 100Kin10’s release of the grand challenges system map and networked approach to solve it:

“Now, while keeping the same basic partnership model, 100Kin10 is shifting to direct focus on a set of long-term systemic problems it’s identified in the field of STEM education, calling them “Grand Challenges.” The network just released an extensive, online map of these challenges, along with six root causes that include the time teachers have to collaborate, the number of states with strong science standards, financial relief for STEM majors entering teaching jobs, and time teachers have for professional development. It’s a resource reminiscent of other philanthropy-backed mapping projects like

“The desire to identify and tackle these Grand Challenges arose from the recognition that training more teachers, without solving the underlying issues that created the STEM teacher shortage, would only advance STEM learning in the short term,” the announcement states.”

Read the full piece here.