Bill Clinton Reiterates Obama’s Commitment to Add 100,000 STEM Teachers to the Workforce

April 26, 2017

EdSurge features a piece on the 100Kin10 Summit, a collaborative learning session where nearly 300 partners came together to learn from and be inspired by each other’s work. Special guests included President Bill Clinton, who spoke on the importance of STEM teachers:

“Back in 2011 former President Barack Obama implored the nation to add 100,000 STEM teachers to the workforce. That call to action spurred the launch of 100Kin10, a nonprofit that has been working with more than 280 organizations nationwide to achieve that goal by 2021.

Six years and 40,000 teachers later, Bill Clinton made another call at the 100Kin10 Annual Summit in New York City for STEM leaders to keep up the momentum.

‘This will help keep America in the future business,’ said the former President to 275 attendees. 'Do not underestimate what you are doing here.’”

Read the full piece here.