Announcing the 2019 Teacher Forum

February 5, 2019

We put out a call for amazing STEM teachers and were blown away by the responses we received from across the country. From this pool of outstanding leaders, 72 teachers have been selected for the 2019 Teacher Forum. These teachers stood out for their desire and capability to shape the conversation around STEM teaching locally, gather and raise up ideas and experiences from their peers, offer a unique perspective on the profession, and/or actively contribute to 100Kin10’s mission to overcome the STEM teacher shortage.

“This forum promotes leadership without leaving your classroom, gives teachers a voice, and helps teachers to advocate for meaningful 21st century education.” - 2018 Teacher Forum Member

Teacher Forum members help us keep a pulse on what’s happening “on the ground” by pointing us to real-time insights from classrooms and schools across America. Members lead listening sessions in their local STEM communities and gather information about what STEM teachers are hearing, seeing, and experiencing. We then use the synthesized insights to inform how we address the Grand Challenges and share them broadly with the 100Kin10 network and the field in the hopes that they will have broader resonance.

Through the Teacher Forum, members have the unique opportunity to engage in the national conversation on STEM teaching and contribute to 100Kin10’s mission to get and keep great STEM teachers in all our nation’s schools.

We look forward to learning from and alongside this elite group of STEM educators.

Meet the 2019 Teacher Forum:

Barbara-Ann Mott Adcock
Powhatan County Public Schools

Tomika Rochelle Altman-Lewis
Seawell Elementary School – Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools

Lesley Anderson
High Tech High

Svea Anderson
Agua Caliente Elementary School – Tanque Verde Unified School District

Tamar Avineri
North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

Carly Baldwin
Boyd County High School

Andrea Bennett
McKinley STEMM Academy – Toledo Public Schools

Rebecca Black
South Western School District

Laura Branch
Ernest Righetti High School

Margaret Cagle
Reseda High School – Los Angeles Unified School District

Floridia Cheung
Sunnyside High School

Susannah Cowden
Randolph Union High School

Ashley Demski
Francis Scott Key Elementary Middle School – Baltimore City Schools

Andrew DeVivo
Tarkington School of Excellence

Kathleen Dwyer
Maplewood Richmond Heights High School

Tracey Fowlkes
Dickey Hill Elementary/Middle School

Leanne Elliott Gardiner
Pickering Middle School

Rebecca Garelli
Sevilla Elementary – West Campus

Daniel Garrison
Woodrow Wilson High School STEM Academy

Jen Gaspar-Santos
SI College Prep San Francisco

Jen Gilbert
Hyde Park Day School

Adrianne Go-Miller
Elkhorn Elementary – Lodi Unified

Vicky Gorman
Medford Memorial Middle School

Juliette Guarino Berg
Poly Prep Country Day School

Seth Guiñals-Kupperman
The Brooklyn Latin School

Kayla Heimann
Eastern Elementary School – Lexington Local Schools

Jeff Hengesbach
Estrella Mountain Community College

Elizabeth Henrikson
Fruita Middle School

Douglas Hodum
Mt. Blue High School

Kathryn Verdier Hontz
Plumstead Christian School

Devin Joseph Guilford Jackson
Foothill Middle School – Mt. Diablo Unified School District

Maria Katharine McClain
Deer Valley High School – Antioch Unified School District

Michelle Landreville
Paradise Valley High School

Tiffany Lewis
Middletown Area High School

Christine Loveridge
Rivermont Elementary – Hamilton County

Kelly Mahoney
ITW David Speer Academy

Blayne Matty
Kittery School District

Kimberly Mawhiney
Currituck County High School

Becky McDowell
Barrington 220 School District

Anne McHugh
Franklin High School

Riley Meehan
High Tech Elementary

Pradip Misra
Bagdad Unified School District #20

Anne Hankins Moore
Goochland County Public Schools

Mel Narish
Great Hearts

Julie Olson
Mitchell Senior High

Danielle Otto
Tarkington School of Excellence

Christina Overman
Bear Tavern Elementary School – Hopewell Valley Regional School District

Nikki Parker
Iraan High School

Kristen A Poindexter
Spring Mill Elementary School – MSD of Washington Township

Heidi Ragsdale
West Middle School STEM

Abigail Ramirez
Simons Middle School – Pomona Unified School District

Margaret Richard
Summit Trail Middle School

Sarah Rivera
Perry High School

Amy Roediger
Mentor Public Schools

Joy Schwartz
Beaumont ISD

Lacee Sherman
Firebaugh Middle School

Kyle Simon
South Western High School

Jennifer Smith
Digital Harbor High School

Rachel Smith
Southern Tioga School District

Sheryl Sotelo
Chugach School District

Denise Thompson
Orting High School

Kerel Thompson
Statesmen College Preparatory Academy for Boys

Tracey Tokarski
St. Joan of Arc School, Archdiocese of Baltimore

Chinma Uche
CREC Academy of Aerospace and Engineering

Dr. Mary Elaine Vaughan
Oak Ridge High School, Oak Ridge City Schools

Richard Velasco
Pullman Public Schools

Rose Ventimiglia
Brooklyn Science and Engineering Academy

Maggie Waldner
Denver Public Schools

Michele Wiehagen
Hillsborough County Public Schools

Jennifer Wilson
Aiken High School

Sylvia Wood
Rouse High School

Robyn Yewell
Harelson Elementary School