A Call From the People: 100Kin10 Launches the unCommission to Co-Create the Future of STEM

September 8, 2021

Along with nearly 100 organizations and individuals, we are excited to formally announce the launch of the unCommission, a massive, diverse, and participatory opportunity for young people to share their experiences to identify goals for the future of STEM learning. Help us hear from as many young people as possible by sharing this storytelling opportunity with your networks!

Over the past decade, the 100Kin10 network has come together to prepare 100,000 excellent science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) teachers in ten years and address the root causes of the persistent STEM teacher shortage in our country. We’re now in the last year of our decade-long effort and on track to reach and even exceed our 100,000 STEM-teacher goal. While we have much to celebrate, we know that our work must continue. The nation’s STEM teacher shortage is a challenge that was generations in the making, and it will take more than a single decade to fix it. There continues to be a shortage of STEM teachers nation-wide, particularly in schools serving Black, Latinx, Native American, and low-income communities. Considering the ongoing need, we are now planning for our next moonshot goal that will build on our accomplishments and learnings, and create the conditions for more equitable STEM learning across the country.

Enter the unCommission. The unCommission will bring together hundreds of people, especially those from communities that, despite having all the passion and interest in STEM, have been most underrepresented, in a massive and participatory effort to identify the next set of moonshot goals for STEM education that will create transformative change for learning and society. It will uplift hundreds of stories from those directly experiencing the STEM education system, centering the voices of Black, Latinx, and Native American students who have been most excluded from STEM education and the workforce. The stories will, we anticipate, illuminate inequities and challenges of the education system while also pointing to places for hope, and then be translated into goals to inspire both local and national action. 100Kin10 will identify our next moonshot from this constellation of goals and invite others from across the field to consider taking up the other goals.

Join us! Through the unCommission, we hope to hear from as many young people ages 13-29 as possible, especially from Black, Latinx, and Native American communities, about their experiences with STEM learning by September 30th. Help us make the unCommission as inclusive and powerful as possible by spreading the word for how young people can share their story to guide the future of STEM education. To show our gratitude, all storytellers will receive their choice from a curated selection of thank-you gifts.

Through the unCommission, we will collectively listen our way forward as we co-design the future. Learn more about the unCommission here. Have a question or idea for how you’d like to contribute? Reach out to unCommission@100kin10.org.