100Kin10 releases 'Plagiarize This'

February 1, 2016

100Kin10 is thrilled to introduce Plagiarize This: A user friendly guide to talking about college- and career-ready standards with just about anyone.

Plagiarize This is the latest tool from a 100Kin10 Solution Lab*, designed to support more inspired conversations with teachers, parents, and the general public about college- and career-ready standards. It honors the challenges folks have experienced to date and will help build understanding and even enthusiasm for higher standards.

This toolkit includes:
● a research-based approach to develop impactful content for parents, teachers, and the general public;
● a set of nationally-tested messages and talking points about college-and career-ready standards; and sample blog posts, emails, social media posts, op-eds, and FAQs, all ready to be plagiarized; and
● a step-by-step guide for how to apply this approach to these messages in order to create collateral for your particular audience(s).

Please complete this form to request access to Plagiarize This.

*A Solution Lab is 100Kin10 convening that begins with deliberation, expertise, and shared learning, and moves to collaborative action: partners co-funding the creation of a concrete product, strategy, approach, or intervention that’s beyond the capacity of any single partner to afford or design on their own. They are a method of responding to big challenges with commensurately big, coordinated responses, instead of going it alone.