100Kin10 Nominated for a 2017 Diversity in Tech Award

April 11, 2017

100Kin10 is honored to be nominated for a 2017 Diversity in Tech Award!

Together with our 280 network partners, 100Kin10 is working to prepare the next generation with the STEM skills and inspiration to take on the complex challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. But, the future we face is uncertain, and we cannot afford to restrict this conversation to a privledged few. All students, no matter where they were raised or what community they represent, deserve a seat at the table to help shape how we navigate the 21st century and the changes it is bringing. As a field and a country, we must ensure that all kids are inspired and able to help shape the future.

Since its founding, 100Kin10 has focused its efforts on students and teachers from traditionally underrepresented or underserved communities. We believe that our collective future success – as a national and global society – depends on expanding access to STEM fields, including technology, to all.

The Diversity in Tech Awards illuminates the diversity gap in tech and more importantly, its solvability for leaders in tech, government, and education. We are honored to be nominated alongside such an impressive field.

Vote for 100Kin10 for the 2017 Diversity in Tech Award, and learn about the individuals, organizations, and initiatives that are championing the movement to increase diversity across the technology industry, here.