100Kin10 Launches Final Pre-2021 New Partner Growth!

April 13, 2019

We have officially launched 100Kin10’s final pre-2021 nomination and growth round! We are so excited to find the best, most diverse, most passionate people and organizations working to solve the STEM teacher shortage.

Interested in becoming a 100Kin10 partner? We encourage you to fill out
the Self-Nomination Form or seek a nomination from a current 100Kin10 partner.

Through our final round of growth, we are specifically seeking new partners to contribute to our efforts to address the highest-leverage root causes on the Grand Challenges map: our catalysts.

Over two years, 100Kin10 and thousands of partners and allies developed the Grand Challenges, an unprecedented roadmap of the underlying problems facing the STEM education landscape and the first-ever comprehensive ecosystem of a social-sector problem. The map identifies 100+ critical challenges, as well as the catalysts, the greatest leverage points for systemically addressing the STEM teacher shortage. The catalysts reflect the synthesis of tens of thousands of perspectives on which issues, if improved, would generate a domino-like effect across the system. For more information on the Grand Challenges and catalysts, please visit GrandChallenges.100Kin10.org.

We are seeking partners who are working on what we know to be the highest-leverage points on the map of the STEM teacher shortage. But, just as important is how we work on these underlying challenges. When we look at effective change efforts over time and across sectors, a few elements show up consistently. These elements can help us effectively and sustainably tackle the Grand Challenges to getting and keeping excellent STEM teachers. As such, as we bring on new partners we are looking for organizations excited to work with us in ways that are:

Coordinated: Working together in mutually-reinforcing and complementary ways toward a common vision.
Direct: Addressing the root cause of a problem, as opposed to treating its symptoms.
Diverse: Engaging all stakeholders to understand the problem and contribute to the common vision.
Emotionally-Resonant: Growing and maintaining support for the common vision by appealing to hearts and minds.
Knowledge-Driven: Designing, adapting, and implementing solutions that build on what does and does not work, rather than recreating the wheel.
Measurable: Articulating clear goals, using evidence to learn about progress toward them, and course-correcting as needed to achieve them.

We know it will take many more individuals and organizations than those who are formal 100Kin10 partners to solve the STEM teacher shortage. For those we are unable to bring into the network as partners before 2021, we hope to continue to engage with you as an Ally. We will acknowledge your organization’s efforts towards meeting our shared goal, and we will stay in touch to share our latest work and insights and to extend opportunities to collaborate. We know that achieving the ambitious change we seek will take all of us - and together, we know we can solve the STEM teacher shortage.

You can learn more about the 100Kin10 network and what partnership involves in the 100Kin10 Overview. We also encourage you to check out the Nominations Guide to learn about the overall process and what we are seeking in prospective partners. Feel free to email us if you have any questions.