100Kin10 has worked with our network of best-in-class organizations to develop a unique networked impact model to solving social problems.

100Kin10 is charting a course to train and retain 100,000 excellent STEM teachers. But we’re not doing it alone. We cultivate a network of best-in-class organizations to make ambitious commitments to our shared goal, foster trust between those organizations, and facilitate networked problem-solving to tackle the biggest challenges facing STEM education. We’ve developed this unique approach over the past six years, and we’re committed to continually interrogating and refining how we best do our work, so we’re always improving our model.


Inspiring Ambitious Commitments

100Kin10’s strategy focuses on inspiring ambitious commitments from great organizations — likely and unlikely allies, both — to significantly contribute to the goal of 100,000 excellent STEM teachers, and to take on the longer-term systemic challenges in STEM education. We leverage the power of our network to shine a national spotlight on the need for great STEM teaching in America, inspiring others to step up and take action.

Meet Our Partners

Participating in the 100Kin10 movement has enabled the Dana Center to work with organizations that share our mission to tackle one of the grand challenges of our generation: improving STEM learning outcomes for our nation’s youth. 100Kin10 has been a source of inspiration and a wealth of great ideas for improving our work.

- Dr.Philip Uri Treisman, Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas, Austin, Executive Director


Building Strong Networks Grounded in Trust

100Kin10 moves beyond inspiring strong commitments to cultivate a network of problem-solving partners with a shared mission and mutual trust. Through convenings and programs, we enable our diverse network of organizations from multiple sectors and across the country to unite around our common goal and to build relationships that allow our partners to trust one another and leverage their collective resources for mutual benefit.

The California State University’s partnership with 100Kin10 has been instrumental to our success in preparing new teachers for excellence with the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. Collaboration with other network members has been a significant asset in our planning, evaluating, and disseminating effective strategies addressing the new standards.

- Dr. Timothy P. White, The California State University, Chancellor


Facilitating Networked Problem Solving

100Kin10 is a problem-solving network. 100Kin10 partners make progress against their commitments by learning from and with each other, developing solutions, and implementing breakthrough ideas.

How We Do Networked Problem Solving


Exchange knowledge about what works and what doesn't

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100Kin10 designs interactive experiences to help partners propel their commitments forward.

  • We put learning at the center of the network, and our partners gather regularly throughout the year to keep a pulse on what’s current and learn from each other, at our annual Partner Summit, regional back-to-school breakfasts, or unconferences.

  • Through both virtual and in-person opportunities, partners regularly share best practices in our “Steal This” sessions, along with data on their work, including specific practices, strengths, and weaknesses.

  • 100Kin10 also hones research and learning methods that lead to continuous improvement and knowledge-sharing – read the results from our latest Annual Partner Survey.


Adapt existing solutions and create new ones as needed.

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100Kin10 provides an ecosystem of support for our partners to collaboratively problem-solve and leverage their unique assets and knowledge to solve shared challenges.

  • Partner organizations co-invest to bring a solution to market through our unique Solutions Labs.

  • Through the 100Kin10 Fellowship, partners engage in human centered-design to develop new approaches to address big challenges.

  • We provide targeted micro-grants, which we call collaboration grants, to enable partners to meet face-to-face, learn from one another to adapt existing solutions to unique contexts, and advance work on commitments, including collaborating on new projects. Since 2012, we’ve awarded 100 collaboration grants — totaling almost $410,000 — to enable partner organizations to learn and innovate together.


Implement solutions, monitor progress, and continuously improve.

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100Kin10 champions new models of collaboration that often include the philanthropic community to expand possibilities for sector-wide innovation and directly benefit our network.

  • Our Funders Collaborative jumpstarts and enables new solutions that partners are developing in collaboration with one another. 100Kin10 facilitates opportunities to make connections in service of connecting funders and partners.

  • Through our Networked Improvement Communities, partners working on a similar challenge come together to continuously experiment with solutions and collaboratively problem-solve in real-time.