Mesha Byrd

Mesha Byrd

Network Manager

As the Network Manager, Mesha serves as the eyes and ears of the Community Team. Through project teams and other touchpoints, Mesha actively listens for challenges partners are facing and engages with their needs to provide resources that will inform and progress their work.

Mesha’s career thus far has been centered around bridging the gap between institutions and communities through civic and community engagement efforts. Before joining Beyond100K, Mesha served as the Government Outreach Lead at Democracy Works, where she partnered with election officials to build and institute technology to increase voter engagement in their respective communities.

Mesha has an MS in Nonprofit Management from The New School and a B.B.A in Regional Economic Development from Georgia Southern University.

What most inspires you about Beyond100K?

I’m inspired by the passion and dedication our partners bring to improving our education system. I have the opportunity to sit in on many of our project team meetings and I’m in awe of how diligent they are in their work together and the thoughtfulness they bring to grappling with hard topics. Our partners are evidence that we are stronger together.