Lauren Baier

Lauren Baier

Associate Director of Programs

As a Community Designer & Manager, Lauren develops and oversees the vehicles, experiences, infrastructure, support, and tools for Beyond100K partners collaborating on long-term problem-solving projects. Lauren specifically supports our Project Teams and Challenge Grantees.

Lauren’s career has been grounded in experience design – the cross-discipline practice of designing products, processes, services, events, journeys, and environments with a focus on the quality of the user’s experience – which she has brought to her work with Beyond100K partners and to our internal team.

Lauren is a graduate of Minneapolis College of Art and Design where she specialized in user experience design, ethnographic research, and marketing.

What most inspires you about the Beyond100K network?
I love to see our Project Teams members in their element – working together to solve the challenges they are most passionate about, alongside their team members from other organizations. Their enthusiasm and commitment to their work is palpable and moving!