September 82021

We’re excited to launch the unCommission and hear from as many young people as possible to transform STEM education.

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93,000 Excellent STEM teachers trained by 100kin10 partners from 2011-2020.


Addressing Our Nation's Shortage of STEM Teachers

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. We look to them to produce the next big ideas and solve our greatest challenges. But to thrive in the workforce and the world, students will need support, inspiration, and excellent skills in science, technology, engineering, and math. That’s why we are preparing and supporting 100,000 excellent, STEM teachers in America’s classrooms.

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Identifying and Mapping the Systemic Challenges in STEM Education

Central in our approach to addressing the STEM teacher shortage is understanding how we got here. For that reason, 100Kin10 has conducted a 2+ year analysis to identify and map the core issues facing STEM teacher recruitment, preparation, and retention. Our research yielded an unprecedented roadmap, pointing the way toward transforming STEM education in America.

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Building a Network of Trust and Collaborative Problem-Solving

Overcoming the complex challenges of training and retaining 100,000 excellent STEM teachers demands an innovative approach: what we call networked impact. We inspire our partner organizations to make ambitious commitments, leverage the strength and trust of the network, and access opportunities to exchange knowledge, innovate solutions, and improve their work.

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Strengthening Our Partners to Solve the Challenges that Inhibit STEM Learning

Each of our nearly 300 diverse, best-in-class partner organizations makes measurable commitments to improve STEM education in America. Partner organizations utilize our networked impact approach to make progress against hundreds of commitments. Learn more and meet our partners.

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